You Don't Have to WFH at Home—Try Shared Workspace Instead

Sep 20, 2023

When Working from Home Doesn’t Work

If you are working from home, are you growing restless? Your work from home workspace may be comfortable and personalized, but there are some drawbacks as well. It’s easy to become unproductive and even burned out when the lines between work and home life become blurred. Still, you might not be ready to go back to the office. And what about the office, anyway? As more people have begun working from home, many companies have given up their brick and mortar offices in favor of remote work. This leads to an issue when there is a need to meet face to face as a team or to give a presentation to clients. Shared workspaces offer the perfect solution to several different problems by giving people a place to work outside their homes and businesses a space to meet without the need for traditional commercial real estate.

How a Shared Workspace Benefits the Worker

Even if you enjoy working from home, it does have a down side. It is difficult to have work/life balance when you work where you live. You may have trouble knowing when to stop working, or you may find that you have too many distractions constantly pulling you away from work. It could be your family, pets, or roommates, but it could just as easily be that you get distracted browsing online or watching Netflix. Eventually, you may find that you are lacking in creativity and at risk of burnout. Having a shared workspace gives you structure to define your workday and get back your spark. You can divide your time between workspace, work from home, and downtime, giving a routine to your week that can help you feel more productive. According to one recent study, 84 percent of people who work in a shared workspace find that it helps them to stay motivated. What’s more, shared workspaces have places for breaks, where you can interact with other people, for social connection and networking.

What Businesses Stand to Gain from Shared Workspaces

One of the greatest benefits of shared workspaces for a business is the financial advantages. Using a coworking space, your business can have all the amenities of a traditional office without committing to a long-term, expensive, traditional lease. You save on overhead because in a shared workspace, desks and other office furniture, office technology, printers, Wi-Fi, and more are typically provided, within the cost of your membership agreement. What’s more, the modern, high-tech environment is conducive to productivity, and the facilities offer plenty of space to operate. Common lounge areas can be used as waiting areas for clients, conference rooms are available for your team meetings, and coworking spaces are typically in a desirable area, where you can feel confident conducting business.

Find Shared Workspace in Texas

If you are looking for commercial office space for rent, Urban Office offers modern, flexible office space in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas. Providing more than the average coworking space, we offer our members private offices and shared amenities, at top-notch addresses in prime locations. Located within walking distance to some of the city’s top restaurants, bars, and retail, our offices combine location, affordability, modern design, and convenience to create the Urban Office Lifestyle. Each of our members gets their own private office with a door, and each location has a shared waiting area for clients, in our beautiful modern offices that are protected with access-controlled security and offer 24/7 access. Convenient parking and upscale, creatively designed, smart amenities make our properties a cut above the rest. If you would like more information on our all-inclusive membership agreements and our affordable, flexible private office space, contact us through our website or give us a call: in Houston at 832.827.3999, in Austin at 512.505.0008, and in San Antonio at 210.435.9515.

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