The Benefits of Face-Face Communication

Aug 23, 2023

Communication in the Digital Age

In the digital age, we often find ourselves communicating with other people electronically. Emails, social media posts, text chains, and messaging platforms take the place of human interaction, and distance us from other people. The pandemic reinforced this pattern, as we sheltered in place and worked remotely. In many ways, electronic communication is easier than face to face, and we sometimes forget why face to face communication is better in many ways. Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of face to face communication.

Importance of Face to Face Communication

Why is face to face communication important? If you think about it, you instinctively understand the value of face to face communication. After all, if you need to share something really important, you tend to do it in person, rather than on the phone or through text, right? Interacting with each other while visible to one another can be more effective than written or audio-only communication because there is something about seeing someone’s face that connects you more effectively than just reading or hearing words. Even if you are on a video call or in a zoom meeting, face to face communication advantages tend to outweigh the convenience of digital communication.

  • It's easier to forge connections in person. There is something about seeing a person’s face that helps to build trust and camaraderie. Reading your coworker’s words does not have the same effect as spending time with them in person, learning things about their lives and who they are as people. Building a sense of human connection helps create a stronger working relationship.
  • Face to face communication is not just verbal. People communicate with their body language, their tone, their facial expressions, and by making eye contact. You can learn a lot about a person through nonverbal communication, and you can adjust your approach to communicating with that person based on what you’re perceiving. Being face to face with someone is also a good way to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Being persuasive is easier in person. Whether you are trying to sway a colleague to your point of view or make a pitch to a client, it is easier to convince people when you are face to face. An email is easy to delete, but it is hard to say no to someone’s face. Talking to someone in person allows you to communicate verbally and nonverbally, making your communication more effective.
  • Problem solving is more efficient when you’re face to face. Because being face to face allows people to connect more effectively, it makes it easier to solve problems. How many times have you been on a long email chain hashing out some minor issue that could have been handled in a brief in-person meeting? When you are face to face, communication is easier, faster, and more productive than when you communicate digitally.
  • In-person communication fosters team building. As team members spend time with each other, they develop a sense of community. Meeting in person fosters engagement and participation in a way that written communication and even phone calls simply cannot. When your team meets in person, it allows the participants to feel heard and empowered, and helps them engage with each other in a productive way. It’s also easier to keep your employees in the loop when you have regular, face to face meetings.

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