How to Find Commercial Office Space for Rent in Five Easy Steps

Sep 27, 2023

Finding Commercial Office Space

Whether you’re establishing a new office or simply moving your business’s location, do you know how to find commercial office space for rent? Sometimes, the process can be overwhelming, because even if you are experienced in looking for personal real estate, it is different when you are shopping for an office. When you are looking for a place to do business, there are many factors to consider. Here are some helpful tips on finding commercial office space for rent, in five manageable steps. 

Tips for Choosing Your Space

  1. Think about your requirements. Office and commercial space for rent varies widely in characteristics. To determine what’s right for your business, think about how much space you need and how it should be arranged. You will also want conference space, client waiting space, and perhaps a breakroom or kitchen. Think about the quality of office you need, the neighborhood, and any amenities you feel are necessary. Consider, too, how quickly you need to move in, so that you can find a space that will be ready in time.
  2. Establish a budget. Once you know the amount of space you need and the approximate location you prefer, you’ll want to determine a budget. Rental prices may vary based on some amenities, as well as factors like open-space layouts vs individual, enclosed offices.
  3. Shop around. Take the time to tour several possible properties that might fit your criteria. Evaluate the locations carefully, looking for office space that doesn’t just meet your needs but is also in an area that is convenient for your employees, clients, and any suppliers, with ample parking in a good neighborhood. Urban Office has rental properties available throughout Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.
  4. Make sure you’re prepared. Be sure to prepare all of the financial information necessary to demonstrate your stability as a tenant. You will need to fill out an application providing business details, rental history, and guarantor(s).
  5. Sign the paperwork. Once you have chosen the space that is perfect for you and your business, there’s an agreement to sign. At all of our Urban Office locations, we offer monthly, 6 month, and 12 month rental agreements that can be upgraded at any time.

Additional Benefits of Coworking Space

When you rent a shared space, there’s no need to negotiate with landlords or hire a broker. Your agreement will cover all the amenities and overhead, without any hidden costs. You can use as much or as little space as you need, with furniture, office equipment, and common spaces provided, in a high-tech environment where you can confidently and effectively conduct business.

Flexible Office Space in Texas

If you are looking for commercial office space for rent, Urban Office offers modern, flexible office space in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas. Providing more than the average coworking space, we offer our members private offices and shared amenities, at top-notch addresses in prime locations. Located within walking distance to some of the city’s top restaurants, bars, and retail, our offices combine location, affordability, modern design, and convenience to create the Urban Office Lifestyle. Each of our members gets their own private office with a door, and each location has a shared waiting area for clients, in our beautiful modern offices that are protected with access-controlled security and offer 24/7 access. Convenient parking and upscale, creatively designed, smart amenities make our properties a cut above the rest. If you would like more information on our all-inclusive membership agreements and our affordable, flexible private office space, contact us through our website or give us a call: in Houston at 832.827.3999, in Austin at 512.505.0008, and in San Antonio at 210.435.9515.

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