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Urban Office is a modern, small private office space concept where members have their own private office with shared world-class amenities.

Location, affordability, modern design, and convenience all come together to provide the Urban Office Lifestyle as these offices are located within walking distance to some of the top restaurants, bars, and retail in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.


Smart Amenities

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Urban Office

Service-Rich Office Spaces

Ideal for Established and Growing Businesses

Urban Office caters to established businesses as well as individuals looking to grow their business. Over the years, we've welcomed professionals from all types of industries, including law, real estate, finance, IT, consulting, nonprofit, and marketing. Our spaces are also great for therapists and mental health professionals who need a safe, secure place to meet with their clients. No matter your industry or business size, the flexibility of private office spaces for rent will beat the cost of renting or purchasing an entire building. 

Ideal for Established and Growing Businesses in Houston, San Antonio, & Austin, Tx

Welcoming Space for Your Clients in Houston, San Antonio, & Austin, Tx

A Welcoming Space for Your Clients

We're not your average coworking space with cubicles and open concepts. We offer dedicated private offices for each of our members. If you'd like, you can even request a furnished office. This setup makes Urban Office perfect for confidential meetings, client calls, and any professional who prefers privacy and a quiet workplace. When you opt for one of our office spaces for rent, you can expect a welcoming environment for your clients, vendors, and anyone else who visits.

Convenient Locations with Walkable Amenities

Our service-rich office spaces make the ideal workplace for entrepreneurs and developing professionals. The windows and skylights maximize natural light, and the interior design creates an elevated atmosphere. The advantages of Urban Office don't stop inside our doors. You'll find a slew of restaurants, bars, and retail all within walking distance, further upping the convenience factor.

Convenient Locations with Walkable Amenities in Houston, San Antonio, & Austin, Tx

Desk and bookshelves in Spring Branch location from Urban Office

Why Choose an Office Space for Rent

Choosing a small private office space for rent is often the best option when compared with working from home or purchasing space. For one, buying office space is cost-prohibitive for many people and requires far too much overhead to get off the ground. Consider these other benefits of renting:

  • A professional environment for clients
  • Networking opportunities with fellow professionals
  • Flexible terms and locations
  • Access to amenities, such as internet, conference rooms, and coffee
  • No maintenance

Which Urban Office works best for you? 
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From spaces that prioritize health and safety to terms with unmatched flexibility, we are reimagining the workplace.

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