How do coworking spaces compare to working from home?

Aug 10, 2023

During the pandemic, as offices closed, more people than ever began working from home. Now, though, many of them are weighing their options, comparing the pros and cons of working from home vs office work. It is not even necessarily a question of remote work vs work from home, as there are options beyond returning to the office. Coworking spaces give people flexibility, allowing them to work from home when it is convenient and head to the office when it’s necessary. Why do people need this option? Let’s talk about working from home vs. going to work.

When you begin to work from home vs the office, it can feel like a dream. You don’t have to get dressed or keep a strict schedule, you can take as many breaks as you want, and you don’t have to sit in traffic getting to an office. You get to hang out with your pets, snack whenever you want, and basically cater to your own needs and working style. What could be better? After a time, though, you may come to realize that your productivity and creativity have decreased, distractions have increased, and you’re feeling isolated.

This is when it’s time to consider coworking spaces. When you’re weighing the pros and cons of work from home vs work from office life, coworking spaces may be the perfect solution. In a coworking space, people from different companies share professional office space, for a more productive and convenient workday. Here are some benefits of choosing a coworking space over working from home.

  • Your productivity is likely to get a boost. It’s easy to get distracted when you are working from home, whether by the television, your smartphone, your family members, or your pets. Coworking spaces are designed in a way that helps people stay focused and productive, and being in an environment with others who are working can help increase your motivation. A coworking space is a peaceful, work-focused environment designed to help you get work done.
  • You’ll have the benefit of a professional environment. When you are home, where do you work? You might have a beautifully appointed home office, but you might just as well work from the couch or even your bed. This might be cozy, and there is nothing wrong with being comfortable, but it does not exactly put you into a professional mindset. What’s more, if you work from home, where do you meet with clients? In a coworking space, you will be in a setting that encourages working, and you’ll have a place to meet clients in a professional setting.
  • You can enjoy office amenities while retaining flexibility. Coworking spaces offer a wide array of amenities, like office equipment, fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi, dedicated desks, a mailing address, and water, coffee, and other refreshments, and so on. There are meeting spaces, lounge spaces, and common areas for taking breaks. When you utilize a coworking space, though, you don’t have to completely forgo working from home. You can have a hybrid schedule that meets your needs for work/life balance while allowing you to be productive.
  • In a coworking space, you can socialize and network. You are unlikely to meet new people while working from home, and many remote workers begin to feel isolated. When you share coworking spaces, you will have the opportunity to meet new, likeminded people, often with similar interests and in similar professions, and this is good for networking. It’s also good for socialization because you are likely to meet a diverse array of people and gain new perspective.
  • Your health may benefit. When you are working in a coworking space rather than at home, you are more likely to take breaks and move around. This can improve your focus and concentration, reduce your stress, and improve your mood. You’re also more likely to keep a regular meal schedule and not fall into unhealthy snacking habits, as you might do at home. Finally, because coworking spaces are fitted with professional office furniture, you are more likely to maintain good posture while you work, which is another way to improve your health and avoid neck and back pain.

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