Urban Office expands in Houston as workers reimagine workspace after COVID

Aug 20, 2021

One Houston company is expanding its office space options as modern workspace needs change and pandemic restrictions ease.

Urban Office, a Braun Enterprises company, is a flexible office concept where members have their own private office with shared amenities. Urban Office currently has four locations in Houston - two in the Heights, one in the Galleria, and a new one in Spring Branch - and two more currently being planned.

"What we’ve found is that ever since COVID hit, everyone’s kind of rethinking their relationship with their office," said Alec Lapin, Urban Office Vice President. "They don’t want to be in any more super long-term deals that lock them in, where they’re paying for all the space that they don’t need."

Everything at Urban Office is short-term, with office agreements ranging from six to twelve months. The offices are targeted toward any small business and cost $450 to $2500 a month, at Urban Office’s Galleria location, where offices are between 250 to 2,500 square feet. Urban Office also supplies snacks, internet, parking, conference room usage, printing, phone booths, a notary and a mother’s room.

"We want to gear everything toward our tenants to make sure they have everything they need to succeed individually for their business and have the office space that suffices that the best," said Lapin. According to Lapin, the Galleria location has been open for a few months and is at 20 percent capacity.

Urban Office is also located on a development owned by Braun Enterprises, so tenants have walking-distance access to the surrounding businesses and amenities.

"Small businesses want an office that’s move-in ready and they want nothing longer than a year,” said Lapin. "With us, you can sign an agreement today and move in tomorrow."

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