Phone Booth in Office in Houston, San Antonio, or Austin, TX

A phone booth in the office provides our Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, TX coworking space users a comfortable and convenient place to take private phone calls. At Urban Office, you can utilize our private phone booths to speak to your clients and other colleagues discreetly within our coworking spaces. Explore the benefits of our in-office phone booths by reaching out to our team for more information about our locations and amenities.

What Are the Advantages of Our In-Office Phone Booths?

Whether you’re utilizing our hot desks, dedicated desks, huddle rooms, or other coworking areas, you can access phone booths in our office spaces. The advantages of our in-office phone booths include reduced distractions, privacy and confidentiality, and more. Learn more about the advantages of having access to private phone booths in our coworking environments:

Choose Urban Office for Phone Booths in the Office

Phone booths in the office offer our members the chance to experience a higher level of privacy while remaining in a coworking space.  At Urban Office, our customers can take advantage of all of our unique amenities, including phone booths, communal kitchens, huddle rooms, and more. Contact us today to learn more about all of our flexible coworking options.