Certified Notary Public in Houston, San Antonio, & Austin, TX Offices

For business professionals in need of a certified notary public in Houston, San Antonio, or Austin, TX, look no further than Urban Office. While using one of our spaces, members have the opportunity to utilize many of our amenities, including on-site public notary services. Whether you’re an attorney or a realtor, learn more about the many exciting amenities we offer to our members. Contact the Urban Office location nearest you for more details.

What Is a Notary Public?

A notary public is a state-appointed official who serves as an impartial witness. They are used to deter fraud by witnessing the signing of important documents and verifying their authenticity. Notaries play a significant role in certifying writings like deeds or contracts to make them authentic.

Who Can Utilize Notary Public Services?

Notary public services at Urban Office can assist various groups of business professionals. Having access to a local notary public on the premises helps our members to seamlessly engage in their business operations without having to leave the building.

Consider our notary public services if you are one of the following:

Why Choose Urban Office for Local Notary Public Services?

Our notary public services are a convenient way to get documents notarized while working within one of our coworking locations in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. By choosing our modern and flexible office spaces, you have the option to utilize all of our amenities, including 24/7 access, a mailing address, huddle rooms, outdoor workspaces, and more. Plus, our convenient and hassle-free parking makes meeting with clients for on-site notary services seamless. Contact us today to learn about our private offices and our flexible membership agreements to fit your specific needs.