Coffee Machine in-Office in Houston, San Antonio, & Austin, TX

At Urban Office, our coworking spaces include many amenities. Members utilizing our private offices, hot desks, and other workspaces can indulge in having a cup of freshly brewed coffee in-office in our Houston, San Antonio, & Austin, TX locations. Enhance your workflow with an extra boost today!

Convenience of a Coffee Bar in-Office

We provide coffee, tea, and filtered drinking water to those who use our coworking facilities. This added convenience allows our members to stay at an Urban Office location when they need to hydrate or get extra energy throughout the day. Learn more about how our convenient coffee bars can help enhance your work:

Benefit From Coffee and Tea in-Office

When you choose Urban Office, you pick a place that understands the importance of amenities such as coffee and tea in the office. By providing these complimentary refreshments, we help boost your work performance, increase your availability, add more workplace benefits, and enhance employee health benefits. Contact us today to learn about our coffee, tea, and water machine in-office options.